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国外课程作业实现可见我的 Github repository:SLS: Self Learning stack.


(不难发现,我偏爱 Stanford University 😑)

AI 类课程

CS231n: Deep Learning for Computer Vision, Stanford University

CS224n: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning, Stanford University.

CS229: Machine Learning, Stanford University.

CS 189: Introduction to Machine Learning, UC Berkeley

  • 这门课的 Lecture Notes 内容亦很丰富,可以与 CS229 相结合食用。
  • Course website: https://www.eecs189.org

Understanding Machine Learning, Cambridge University

STATS214 / CS229M: Machine Learning Theory, Stanford University


CS142: Web Applications, Stanford University.

CS148: Introduction to Computer Graphics and Imaging, Stanford University


Physics342: Quantum Mechanics I, Reed University

  • 作为量子力学入门,我建议学习下面这本书
  • Material: “Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, 3rd ed.”, Cambridge University Press, 2018.

15-458: Discrete Differential Geometry, Carnegie Mellon University